“Our passion is to develop software solutions to improve your working lifestyle and help you expand your targets”

We are an ISO 9001 software solution provider, and have been delivering web applications since the 1990s. Our goal is to provide creative end-to-end products ranging from concept, development, and hosting to support management. We continually evolve our bespoke solutions with the changing needs of our customers.

Readymade Solutions

Kinnersley Software Limited have developed a number of solutions which can be customised to meet your organisation’s needs. These range from Command and Control Systems, for commerical and government use, to Franchise and Sales Team management software. All of these can be offered as a cost effective’ pay as you go’ service if investment is limited.

Bespoke Solutions

Through seeing how you work and listening to your requirements we are able to build systems that enhance your working methods, saving you time and money. We strive to make our solutions intuitive, requiring little or no additional training in most cases.

Cloud Development

Integrating Google Map, online news feeds, third party costing tools and other data sources into your systems and websites is now standard practice. We have extensive and varied experience in delivering complex, robust and easy-to-use Cloud-based solutions.