Kinnersley Software Limited initially started as Kinnersley Castle Studio back in the 90s by Caius Hawkins to develop websites. Prior to that, Caius had managed a project set up by BT, Apple Computers and the DTI to explore ‘telecottage’ working. He insisted that the Internet was the future, and not locally-based bulletin boards. He went on to oversee and manage setting up the first Internet Service Provider in the Marches.

Through his connections with Apple Computers and the DTI, Caius went on to develop early web applications for both organisations. The main system for Apple consisted of a multilingual communications platform for use by larger account holders around Europe and brought Caius into contact with a broad range of significant players in the newly emerging field of the World Wide Web. This included working with people from CERN, Ford Motors, Tetra Pak, ITN and BT.

Developing a prototype system for trading of Telecoms Software Components for the DTI sealed the migration from just website design to web applications development, and laid the foundations for Kinnersley Software as it is today.