Since 1997..

We first ventured into web application development in 1997. Our first projects consisted of an e-commerce website for scientific instruments with over 2000 different product variants and a system for Apple Computers to manage their large account user-groups in Europe. Back in those days we had to develop systems from the ground up using clunky technology. Today web applications are a world apart from those early days, and although the technology has exponentially improved, it has been useful to have had those early foundations. Kinnersley Software understands the art of the possible when the required system does not fit into a predefined box.

Out of the Box Solutions

We have developed and deployed systems for a broad range of sectors ranging from local and national governments, utilities, police, telecoms and financial institutions. The one thing that all of these sectors have in common is that their requirements are all very specific and diverse. Quite often there is no clear brief to work from, but rather a set of problems that need addressing. Once we have addressed the perceived issues with a working solution, quite often new capabilities and opportunities emerge.

When talking with new customers we often find that people feel overwhelmed as to what the first step is to develop the solution they need, and sometimes it is only when an old system is perceived to be at the ‘breaking point’ that immediate action is finally taken.

Results Driven

Immediate action can involve sitting through days of meetings with a room full of ‘professional’ system analysis architects with the goal of drawing up a blue print for the perfect system. However, it often entails a six-figure budget, a host of meetings and generous timescales. Kinnersley Software prefers brief, productive sessions with our customers to talk over their rough ideas – be it on a scrap of paper, beer matt, screen shot, Excel Spreadsheet or PowerPoint as a starting point. From this initial planning session we aim to pull together, as quickly as possible, a viable beta system that we can then put online while working incrementally with the customer to evolve it into the exact end product.